How To Increase The Dropbox Account Storage With At Least 5GB Of Free Space

Dropbox is an internet-based service that allows users to store and share files /folders via cloud storage and distribute them all over the web with support for file sync. The Dropbox file storing service has been launched in 2007 by two MIT graduates and it took it almost four years to become one of the most popular service for file hosting and file syncing, because it provides support for any operating system and it can be accessed from your computer or smartphone.

At first after you create your account you receive automatically 2GB free space but, from time to time the Dropbox Inc decides to offer users extra free space. In this article you can find info and a tutorial guide on how to upgrade and add 5GB of free extra space for your Dropbox account. This can be done easily using a very simple trick that was discovered after the Dropbox Inc. released the beta version for the Android devices, which was released along with a PC beta version that offered users the possibility to add from 500MB and up to 5GB of free space every time you decide to upload 500MB data consisting of images and videos. However it has been reported that there is a loophole that allows users to benefit and receive access to the 5GB free space without the need of uploading 5GB worth of pictures and videos.

Now, if you wish to learn how to do it, then you’re in the right place and, below you can find the tutorial guide that will help you add up to 5GB of extra free space to your Dropbox account by В using its latest beta version. Before we can move to the first step of the guide you need to learn what you require in order to complete this process with success.

So, here’s what you need in order to receive the 5GB free space on Dropbox: a removable media storage gadget that supports data of 5GB or more, the Dropbox 1.3.13 application and a computer that runs on Windows 7, which is the only OS that works and, this means that Linux and OS X users might not be able to profit from it because of they lack the presence of the AutoPLay feature that is incorporated in Windows systems. Also, it might work with Windows Vista and XP, too.

Here’s what you need to do in order to successfully add up to 5GB of free space to your Dropbox account in just a few simple steps:

  1. Download Dropbox 1.3.13 Beta by clicking this link.

  2. After the download of Dropbox is complete, double click it to install.

  3. Now you need to create a folder that is titled ‘DCIM’ and copy at least 5GB worth of images.

  4. Move the DCIM folder to a microSD card, USB flash drive, external hard drive disk or to any other type of removal media storage device. Make sure that you transfer the file into the uppermost directory. When the copying is completed, remove the storage device.

  5. Insert the media storage removable device back into your Windows system and Autoplay should pop-up.

  6. From the AutoPlay menu click on the ‘Import pictures and videos’ link and now wait until all the files have been successfully copied. Since there is at least 5GB of media files then the importing process will take a while before completion.

  7. After all the media files have been imported then that should be last step you had to take and now your Dropbox account should’ve been increased to 5GB of free space. Please note that if the Dropbox storage wasn’t increased then you should before the next step also.

  8. Remove all the files that are present in the Camera Upload folder and that should do it.

That’s it, now your Dropbox account should feature an extra 5GB amount of free space that you can use for your own purpose. Make sure that you try the steps listed in this tutorial guide before the guys at Dropbox decide to patch this loophole. If you have any other questions then you should use our comments box, that is listed at the end of this article, to post any error or trouble you encounter while trying to benefit and increase your storage free space at Dropbox.

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