How To Restore The Default Right Window Buttons Position In Ubuntu 11.10

Since the release of Ubuntu 10.04, numerous users have complained about the changes done to the screen interface and that now the minimize, maximize and close buttons have been moved from the right side to the left side along with the removal of the system menu. In this article you will find instructions that will help you restore the position of the window buttons in your Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot installation without risking any damage done to the OS.

The 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 versions of Ubuntu permitted users to change the settings of the windows buttons, but the new edition of Ubuntu 11.10 uses the Gnome 3 desktop UI and everything was revamped and now buttons and other functions and launchers have been moved and re-located, but you should know that there is a small program called Mwbuttons or Metacity Window Buttons. This small tool allows you to restore the window buttons position in Oneiric Ocelot returning the new Ubuntu environment to a more friendly state making it much more easy to use and work with.

Now that you know all this you can move to the first step of the tutorial guide and you will learn how to successfully restore the window buttons position back to the right in Ubuntu 11.10:

  1. DownloadВ Mwbuttons application by clicking this link. In case you’re shown two different files for download then you should choose the Debian Ubuntu DEB ALL file. Click it once for the download to start. If the download started automatically, then it means that your browser selected the correct file.

  2. Now, go to the folder where you’ve save the .deb files and double click it. Ubuntu Software Center should launch along with Mwbuttons.

  3. Click the button that says ‘Install’ and when asked, enter your administrator Ubuntu password and click Authenticate. Now MWbuttons should install automatically.

  4. When installation is completed, close Ubuntu Software Center.

  5. Launch Mwbuttons by clicking on the Ubuntu’s Unity desktop top left corner dash button and typing ‘mwbuttons’ in the search field.

  6. When you spot the Metacity Window Butttons click it and the program will launch.

  7. You should see eight different locations for window action buttons. Select the configuration that suits you best, i.e. select ‘X’ for the far right side button.

  8. When you’re done putting back the window buttons on the top right hand side of your Ubuntu desktop, simply close Mwbuttons. From now on every single application / window you open will feature the window buttons back on the right side.

That is it, now everything should look much more familiar. Remember that every time you maximize a window, the ‘X, maximize and minimize’ buttons will be shown on the top panel as this is a default of Unity desktop but, every time you will click again on maximize the window buttons will be displayed as you’ve configured them with the Metacity Windows Buttons.

If you can’t complete the tutorial then you should post your questions in the comments field, also, if this guide helped then let us know as well. Feel free to browse our other areas of the website as you will find numerous other helpful guides for your computer, smartphone, tablets etc.

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