Government Of Argentina Blocks iPhone And BlackBerry Smartphones Sales

I know it sounds strange but this is really happening in Argentina. As you probably know, Apple and BlackBerry are one of the world’s best companies when it comes to developing smartphones. But it seems that the Argentinian Government doesn’t care about this.

The Argentinians won’t be able to buy iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones from now on, or at least until the Argentinian economy is back on its feet again.

The Argentinian Government made a surprising decision these days and blocked the sales of the iPhone and BlackBerry devices. I think this is the first time when the Government of a country forbids the sale of iPhone devices for a reason that has related to the manufacturing faults of the device.

The Argentinian Government have took some measures to reduce the inflation level and strengthen the Pesos / US dollar currency parity. One of them was to block the sales of certain electronics temporary, among them iPhone and BlackBerry phones.

In order to continue to sell iPhone smartphones, Apple and BlackBerry must build plants in Argentina, a move that companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG already made. Probably Apple and RIM won’t open such plants in Argentina, so if the Government won’t change its mind, then the Argentinians won’t be able to buy iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones from now on.

It seems that the Canadian telecommunications company, RIM, is currently searching for a partner to built their smartphones somewhere in Argentina, as this move will allow them to continue to sell BlackBerry devices in the South American country. Although Apple can do the same, it seems that the company with the headquarters located in Cupertino cares less about the iPhone sales in Argentina.

Anyway we’ll see how the Apple enthusiasts will be receiving the news, but we are pretty sure they won’t like the decision their country’s Government made.

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