The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Patch 1.12 Isn’t Enough To Fix Lag On PS3, But Allows Dragons To Fly Backwards

Bethesda has released a patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in order to correct a few in-game issues that some users were experiencing. The update is mandatory if you want to play the game online, however, if you’re going to stick with the single-player save and you’re not having any problems, then you aren’t required to upgrade to Skyrim Patch 1.12.

The developer has release the patch on PS3 first, and although it should have removed the lag, it appears that gamers are still experiencing a lot of lag when they find themselves around several NPCs. Skyrim is a game of endless quests as there are numerous non-playing characters who always look to give you a job to do, thus when you are in a city, you might experience someВ stuttering.

The lag was supposed to be caused by a problem with Skyrim’s saved games which are very large and they cause the HDD to slow down. If the Skyrim Patch 1.12 didn’t fix this, then it means that the issues are somewhere else and Bethesda will have to go deeper into this matter.

According to the support forums, the most affected are the people with older PS3 devices which feature weaker HDDs so they are more exposed, but if the aforementioned theory is confirmed, then this might not be the issue after all.

The problems don’t end here for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim users as the update managed to break the resistances of the characters. Although you should have been protected while you were attacked by dragons and other monsters, it seems like you will take full damage even though you have a high resistance to fire or ice.

Some users have reported that dragons can fly backwards after installing patch 1.12. This has been noticed by many users who said that the dragons couldn’t do that before the update. Sure, this glitch is funny and I dare to say that it’s not annoying at all, but the stuttering is worrying. Skyrim is one of the best games ever developed and it would be a pity for such a minor issue to ruin its reputation.

We hope that Bethesda will manage to fix it and release another upgrade soon enough. Meanwhile, let us know if you were able to download The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Patch 1.12 and if things have improved for you or if you are still experiencing any issues.

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