Winsor McCay And Little Nemo Celebrated Today With A Google Doodle

Today, Google changed its logo to celebrate 107 years since the birth of the Little Nemo comic strip, created by the American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay

Little Nemo is a cartoon character created by Winsor McCay. In Winsor McCay’s cartoons Little Nemo travels through a world of fantasy while dreaming.

Seen as a masterpiece of the comic strips, “Little Nemo in Slumberland” was published for the first time on October 15th 1905, in New York Herald newspaper. Subsequently, Winsor McCay’s comics were published in New York American and renamed “In the Land of Wonderful Dreams.”

The Google logo that celebrates 107 years since the apparition of the “Little Nemo in Slumberland” comic strip is probably one of the most spectacular and elaborated doodles since 1998 since search engine giant changed its logo for the first time.

In the story imagined by Google, Little Nemo is carried in a fantasy world, the Google world. The “Little Nemo in Google Land” comic stretches on several pages, succeeding one beneath the other in the interactive logo the guys at Google prepared for us today.

In “Google Land,” Little Nemo falls out of his bed and is carried through space, between stars and clouds, between luxuriant buildings and fairy tale scenarios. He is saved by Princess Camille, a character that is also part of the original “Little Nemo in Slumberland” coming. Least but not last, in the story imagined by Google, Little Nemo wakes up in the moment he touches the ground.

Winsor Zenic McCay (September 26th 1869 – July 26th 1934) was an American cartoonist and animator. He is famous for its Little Nemo comic strips, launched in 1905, and for the “Gertie the Dinosaur,” a cartoon launched in 1914. Winsor McCay is considered a pioneer of the animated films, being a source of inspiration for Walt Disney.

Google is occasionally changes its logo to celebrate certain events or persons and the new Google Doodles never seize to amaze us.

In 1998, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin attended Burning Man festival in Nevada. Because they wanted to announce the users that they will be gone for some time, Page and Brin added the festival’s logo behind Google. The first doodle was simplistic, but the idea of decorating the company’s logo on certain occasions was warmly welcomed by the search engine’s users, who appreciated the playful nature of the changes.

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